Thanksgiving Costumes

Thanksgiving is a cherished holiday in which people give thanks and celebrate the little things in life. Even though Thanksgiving started on the Mayflower back in 1620, your child can now celebrate turkey day with unique and creative costumes. Even though Thanksgiving and Halloween may seem like two different extremes, the common interest of these two holidays is that they can bring families closer through costume. Celebrate Thanksgiving early this year with these imaginative boy's Thanksgiving costumes.

The great aspect of these costumes is that they teach children about American history. Use these costumes to educate your children about why Thanksgiving is so important, and how it has had an impact on American culture. As your child chooses between being a pilgrim or Native American, parents can use this opportunity to talk about the value of peacemaking, family, and what you are all thankful for this year. Wear these for school plays, historical reenactments, theater plays, or as Halloween costumes. We even offer a wide variety of accessories and props that can add even more to his outfit.

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