Boy's Funny Costumes

It's no surprise that little boys have a great sense of humor. When you're young, everything is funny to you, and nothing looks cuter than a young boy with a smile on his face! Tickle your son's funny bone by choosing one of the many boy's funny Halloween costumes available. Whether you're trick or treating, attending a school Halloween party, or just dressing up for a costume party any time of year, each one of these humorous costumes is guaranteed to make you laugh.

Buy Funny Boy's Costumes Online At Wholesale Prices

There are a wide variety of boy's funny Halloween costumes designed to make the wearer laugh, and stand out from the crowd. One, however, will do the opposite--making you blend right in! For the prankster in your life, get the Pranks A Lot Bushman costume. The green material will camouflage right in with the trees or bushes, creating the perfect opportunity to jump out and surprise his friends! Along the same vein of humor is the Woopie Cushion Costume, which is a giant replica of the infamous gag gifts. Of course, no one can resist laughing at a boy dressed as a woopie cushion! We also offer plenty of accessories and props which add a lot more humor to the look.

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