Boy's Food & Drink Costumes

This Halloween your child will look good enough to eat in any of these awesome Food Costumes for Boys! With styles ranging from colorful fruits to mouth watering entrees, your son is sure to find a humorous food outfit to suit his taste. These foodie ensembles are generally lightweight foam tunics that are comfortable and easy to wear. Since they slip on over your child's head, foam tunics are great for school Halloween parties and costume parades where they might not have many adults available to help them get ready. In our accessories section we carry a variety of cartoon style gloves that will add some extra fun flair to these food outfits.

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Halloween can sometimes seem like it's nothing but blood and gore, but it doesn't have to be, especially with young kids. Humorous ensembles are always a refreshing change from zombies and axe murderers, and these food costumes for boys are a great choice. Your child will get loads of laughs when he trick-or-treats as a hotdog or hamburger, although people might get hungry when they see him. We have a great selection of fruit suits with apples, bananas, grapes, and more! Some of these outfits are also officially licensed character suits from the YouTube sensation, The Annoying Orange, so your child can still be hip and trendy dressed as food. Many of these food styles are also available for adults, so you might even consider a playful fruit basket or barbecue family ensemble!

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