Boys 20's Costumes

The twenties were a time of prosperity for America. Now, children of all ages and sizes can bring the "roaring twenties" back to life with boy's 20s costumes. With these costumes, children can have fun on Halloween while learning about the culture of this exciting era.

Find The Best Boys 1920's Costumes Online

The great thing about boy's 20s costumes is that they come in several sizes and varieties. The sizes range from extra small to large. The styles include child gangster, complete with the full ensemble, and Scarface. Outfits from this decade add excitement and adventure to Halloween this year. Imagine the surprise of all the neighbors when they open the door to a 4ft Al Capone look-alike. They will surely give up their candy. Wearing one of these products comes in handy for decades day at schools and all kinds of events. You can check out our variety of accessories and toy weapons to see what else you can add to the look.

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