Black Panther Costumes

Spring into action with the Black Panther Costume this Halloween. An accomplished scientist, hunter and martial artist, The Black Panther is a triple threat. Help bring Black Panther into a brighter lime-light and get your Black Panther Costume today!

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The Black Panther (aka T’Challa) was the first black superhero to hit mainstream popularity in American comics. Known as the chieftain of an African nation known as Wakanda, T’Challa carries great responsibility. His powers stem from a heart-shaped herb he wears around his neck that gives him superhuman powers. One of his greatest abilities is his powerful scent that he uses to track down his enemies. 

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Suit up with the Black Panthers modern superhero suit that debuted in Captain America: Civil War. Adults and kids can both join in the fun with our black jumpsuits for men and boys. Pick up a pair of the menacing-looking Black Panther Deluxe Gloves for the fullest effect!

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