Black Costume Accessories

People think that black is the absence of color but it actually the absence of the absorption of light. It is the only color that has no shades; if it did, it would be considered gray. The color black serves many functions. Most commonly it is the element that adds darkness and mystery. For example, a black wig makes any costume seem more sexy, frightful or mystifying. Black accessories give your costume just what it needs.

Order Black Costume Accessories for Halloween

Basic black items can be a simple as a tutu, a pair of shoes, tights or a wig. It could also be a bandit mask, a set of bat wings or a bottle of nail polish. If it is black and goes with a variety of costumes then you should find it here. Just because it is dark doesn't mean it is scary. Hats, gloves and novelty sunglasses are great for an assortment of fun and entertaining costumes.

Shop The Latest Black Costume Accessories

Create your own palette with black accessories for costumes. Use them to accent your outfit or to make a do-it-yourself Halloween costume that will show off your creativity. We also have a kaleidoscope of other popular hues that will make the perfect finishing touch for your ensemble.

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