Black Costume Accessories

People think that black is the absence of color but it actually the absence of the absorption of light. It is the only color that has no shades; if it did, it would be considered gray. The color black serves many functions. Most commonly it is the element that adds darkness and mystery. For example, a black wig makes any costume seem more sexy, frightful or mystifying. Black accessories give your costume just what it needs.

Black Costume Accessories Ideas & Inspiration

Whether you are dressing up as a devil, a demon, or a ghoul this Halloween, don't forget to accessorize with our Black Costume Accessories! If you're dressing up as something truly evil this Halloween, then you know you are going to need some fun black items to really spruce up your look this year. Whether you're looking for dark jewelry, wicked face make-up, some jet black wigs, or a nice pair of shoes, we certainly have you covered.

Many people buy their Halloween costume for the year and forget that the most fun part about dressing up is accessorizing with extra effects. Add some dark blood to your vampire costume and it will work wonders! Need a dark veiled hood for your evil nun costume? We got you! What about a black bandanna for your gangster or mobster costume? There's no end to how you can accessorize for the occasion on Halloween. Add a black whistle to your referee costume, or pick up some black hairspray for your hair if you aren't feeling like wearing a wig.

You can even pick up some black body paint and douse yourself in black for a demonic costume like no other! When it comes to black attire pieces and make-ups, we are certainly the place to go to. Black glasses, eye masks, gloves, cowboy hats, tutus, moustaches, cat ears - you name it, we've got it. Dressing up as a pirate this year? Then you're going to need a black eye patch, no? Or what about some black Mardi Gras beads for your jester costume? Black lipstick and nail polish for your Gothic Prom Queen costume will work wonders, and a pair of black pom-poms will have you cheerleading your best chants and songs yet. Check out all of our amazing black accessory options this Halloween, and you will have your best Halloween yet!

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