Belle Costumes

Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time. Though the folk tale of a young girl falling in love with a cursed prince who is a beast has been around for a while, in 1994 the Disney movie was made. This March, Emma Watson is starring in a live action version of the classic movie. Get ready for the opening of the movie as you dance the night away in any of these Belle costumes. From kids, babies, and adults, anyone can be just as smart and outspoken as Disney’s French princess. These products are licensed by Disney, so they are just as fabulous and proper as Belle’s dress in the movie.

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Belle’s trademark yellow dress and brown hair are two of the staples to make her one of the most beautiful Disney princesses. The yellow dress comes in different varieties, so whether you want to be sassy with a shorter hem or more traditional with the long dress and petticoat, any one you have will be sure to turn your beast back into a man and break the spell that witch set on him all those years ago!

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