Belle Costumes

Beauty and the Beast is a tale as old as time. Though the folk tale of a young girl falling in love with a cursed prince who is a beast has been around for a while, in 1994 the Disney movie was made. This March, Emma Watson is starring in a live action version of the classic movie. Get ready for the opening of the movie as you dance the night away in any of these Belle costumes. From kids, babies, and adults, anyone can be just as smart and outspoken as Disney’s French princess. These products are licensed by Disney, so they are just as fabulous and proper as Belle’s dress in the movie.

Belle Costumes

It's a bit hard to imagine young girls not wanting to turn themselves into princesses, especially if they are huge Disney fans! Why not turn your little princess into an actual princess, and just in time for the big party or event? Whether it's a birthday party, a Halloween party, a Disney princess themed party, she will look absolutely spectacular in her Belle dress! With a wide variety of dresses to choose from, she will be able to turn herself into the actual Disney princess in a blink of an eye. Themed and inspired after the actual Disney princess from Beauty and the Beast, the Belle costume dress will make your daughter recognizable at every party.

You don't have to limit the Beauty and the Beast costume to just your daughter, however. If you yourself are a Disney princess at heart, our selection is sure to have something in store for you as well. Make a grand entrance at this year's Halloween party with Belle's costume, and a prince is almost certain to notice you.

Group Costume Ideas

It's not just Belle who is a Disney princess, however. There are many other princesses in the Disney universe, with each one having her own story. Whether you or your daughter have watched Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Mulan, Aurora, and many other princesses, then how about doing something unique for the party? While your daughter dresses up as Belle, encourage some of her friends to come dressed up as the other princesses. A perfect idea for a birthday costume party, or a Disney themed party, all the iconic princesses will be present at the same time for a wonderful show! 

The Beauty and The Beast also include other characters that we have costumes for! Bring Belle to life with other characters like the Beast himself, Gaston and even Chip!

Belle Costume Accessories

No royal outfit is fully complete without some accessories that help it look more realistic, enchanting, and even magical. If you and your daughter wish to look like the true princess from Beauty and the Beast, then adding some accessories to compliment the Belle costume are certain to be of help! For example, you can start off with Belle's sparkle shoes to match the dress, and then add the Beauty and the Beast tiara. To finish things, a Beauty and the Beast inspired wand will make things even more magical. It's almost like you and your daughter are the real deal straight out of the fairy tale!

Beauty and The Beast Party Idea

Already have a Beauty and the Beast party all planned out? Wonderful! All what's left is to turn your ideas into reality and create an unforgettable party for everyone to enjoy.

From tableware to decorations and even cake supplies (all of which are themed after the Disney film), the party is certain to look like the real deal. You can even try and replicate the interior of the castle from the film for a spectacular effect that will most likely have the other parents asking you how you did it. Every princess wants to feel special on her birthday, so turn the party into a ball with your magic and our wondrous supplies.

Facts About Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and the Beast is perhaps one of the most well known Disney films ever created. Ask any adult or child and they are sure to tell you that they have heard of the iconic story either by reading one of the books, watching the 1991 animated film adaptation, or the 2017 movie. Although people are mostly familiar with the Disney version of the fairy tale, its true roots and birth date all the way back to 1740 when it was first published. But who wrote it to begin with?

The fairy tale's creator was a French novelist by the name of Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve who first published the story in 1740. Over time however, the story was rewritten and later published again in 1756 by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont, and once more in 1889 by Scottish poet and novelist Andrew Lang.

On top of all that, the fairy tale even had a French operatic version called Zémire and Azor which was composed by Grétry and written by Marmontel in 1771, and even a 1742 play called Amour pour amour (Love for love) written by Pierre-Claude Nivelle de La Chaussée. As a result, it's fair to say that the fairy tale has quite some history to it, yet at its core remains the same across the period of time in terms of life lessons.

Beauty and The Beast: Movie

As we have mentioned before, aside from being adopted into plays and operas, Beauty and the Beast was also adopted into a 1991 animated film and a live action movie in 2017. Although the time gap between the two silver screens is long, the plot pretty much stays the same: Belle takes the place of her father in the Beast's castle and learns to love the Beast over time. The Beast of course, has been cursed by an enchantress for his lack of compassion, and can only return to his former-self if he learns to love and earns that person's love in return. At the very end of both films, the Beast dies but Belle declares her love for him and the curse is broken and he is revived.

Of course, one of the most important, if not the most important, lessons that both films teach is that inner beauty is far more important and valuable than outer beauty. A person can look as ugly and as scary as the Beast, but if they are kind and generous, the positives will certainly outweigh the negatives. It's also fair to say that there are many other life lessons in both films, and all pretty much teach their viewers to be better people.

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