Bear Costumes

What kind of bear do you want to be? From brown bears to polar bears, we’ve got costumes for any bear in the animal kingdom.  With their long snout and rounded ears, bears are large but cuddly creatures (in the movies anyway.) Playing in the forest and hunting in the river for fish are just many of their past times, but it’s not required in these costumes. We’ve got the best mascots and masks, hoodies and footwear, dresses and onesies for you to choose your own bear adventure. These options are available for children, teens, women, and men, so a whole bear family is an option if you’re looking for an idea!

Bear Costume Ideas & Inspiration

A bear alert just got posted for your area. It’s not that we don’t appreciate the diligence shown, it’s just we know you’re going to have to call the authorities and let them know it’s a false alarm: there’s not a bear on the loose, it’s just you taking your Halloween costume out for a stroll. Now if you’re still looking for a bear outfit then we’ve got the perfect solution to your problem (the costume, not the bear situation).

Our selection of amazing bear outfits features a whole range of various costumes designed for different situations as well as age groups. Give your child a cute and cuddly new look this Halloween that will have all their aunts wanting to give them the biggest hug. Create a scene by arriving at the party with one of our ride a bear costume, or stalk around the neighborhood with a scary feral new look that will send everyone running indoors. We’ve even got some naughty outfits you can use to get in touch with your wild side.

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