Bat Costumes

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Bat Costume Ideas & Inspiration

What is the most iconic Halloween animal in the world? The bat of course! Spiders put up a close second, but when we think of bats, we always think of Halloween. This year, you will have a blast dressing up as a spooky bat yourself when you choose from one of our fun and haunting Bat Costumes!

With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to become one of the creepiest nocturnal animals to ever take flight in the midnight sky. Bats use a special biological technology called Sonar, which allows them to emit noise and detect the responding echos to determine where their prey is fluttering about. While you may not be given the special power of Sonar while wearing one of our bat costumes, you will certainly be getting lots of echoes in response when you enter the Halloween bash screaming "Who's ready to party!"

Team up with your other nocturnal animal friends this Halloween, and you can crash the party like a giant swarm in the night. Owls, moths, raccoons, and kangaroos - when all of you nightowls enter the party, everyone will recognize you as the 'party animals' from the second you hit the dance floor and set the party alight with fun and games. If your child is looking for their bat costume this Halloween too, then look no further than our excellent selection. We have all kinds of fun bat costumes for all ages and genders, whether your tyke is a teen, a toddler, or a baby.

Just think about how cute your little angel will look while all dressed up in a cute black cozy bat costume! They will look so snug and adorable, you will never want to take it off (and they won't either!). Buy one of our bat costumes today, and go make this Halloween a truly battiful one!

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