Barbie Costumes

Since the 1950’s Barbie has been a staple toy for young children across the globe. Barbie has shown young girls that they can do anything! In just a short amount of time, Barbie has been a veterinarian, a doctor, a flight attendant, and a businesswoman amongst many other occupations. Giving girls the power to be whoever they want to be, these costumes are a great girl powered idea to have your daughter dress up as for Halloween. These costumes are all licensed, from Barbie Cheerleader to Sparkle Barbie to Barbie Kitty and Fairy.

Barbie Costume Ideas & Inspiration

This Halloween, we’re here to help your girl accessorize alongside her favorite fashion pop star Barbie with a catalog that she’ll love pouring over with her favorite doll close by. This selection features authentic apparel and gear that has been officially authorized and licensed with meeting the approval of fans first and foremost as the intention. She’ll love prancing around town in a Barbie costume that features plenty of pink adding some very welcome color to the festivities with a new look that will make her the star in the eyes of all her fellow Barbie fans.

These products include a variety of themed looks ranging from a beautiful butterfly-theme to the more serious police officer Barbie, and even others such as fairy magic, and veterinarian for a diverse set of outfits that feature something for everyone no matter their disposition. She’ll also be picking up additional fun items in the form of tote bags and other tie-in products designed to enhance her new look.

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