Banana Costumes

You may have heard Bananas are high in potassium, but did you know they make great Halloween costumes? Our Banana costume selection has many options to choose from to make your celebrations a little sillier. Our fast shipping will let you peel into your next costume in no time! Buy your Banana Halloween costume online today!

Banana Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Don't slip on your own banana peel this Halloween when you put on one of our awesome Banana Costumes! Bananas are one of the best fruits in the world. Nutritious, delicious, and fun to eat, it's no wonder bananas are one of the main fruit staples in the American diet. Because they are high in potassium and low in salt content, bananas are known to help lower blood pressure while also protecting heart health.

Also, and not many people know this, bananas are actually classified as a berry! Go figure! This Halloween, you will be spreading all kinds of fun facts about bananas while wearing one of these fun fruity costumes. Tell everyone about how the inside of a banana peel can reduce inflammation from bug bites, and how bananas make great pre-workout snacks because of their high potassium content.

There are a billion and one cool things to know about bananas, but the coolest thing about them is that YOU will be looking like one this Halloween when you dress up in one of our bright yellow banana get-ups. Storm into the party dressed up as a silly banana and you'll bring all of the fun energy right along with you.

To really make this Halloween a special one, why not get all of your best friends together and make it a Fruit themed costume event? Just imagine how much fun you will have when you crash the party with a bunch of grapes, apples, peaches, blueberries, kiwis, limes, and more delicious fruit dancing right beside you. Whether you, your child, or your dog are looking to dress up as a banana this Halloween, we certainly have you covered with our high quality costumes. Buy one of our banana costumes today, and go make this Halloween your fruitiest one yet!

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