Treat Bags & Handbags

Little kids love everything about Halloween, from dressing up to accessorizing to eating tons of Halloween candy after walking around with their friends all night. One thing that the little ones probably aren't thinking about is how they're going to hold and transport their Halloween candy, but you can make sure that their bags match the rest of their outfit by shopping through our treat bags! Boys and girl alike will find plain bags, themed bags, and even bags of different shapes in our selection, so they're bound to find something that they like here.

Anyone can enjoy our plain trick or treating bags that are solid Halloween colors, such as purple and orange, and feature holiday appropriate images like jack-o-lanterns, bats, and spider webs on them. However, if your little girl wants a bag to match the outfit into which she has put so much effort, we have plenty of those here as well! If your daughter has decided to enroll in Monster High by dressing as one of the many half human, half monster concoctions in this popular franchise, she can complete her ensemble with one of our many Monster High Treat Bags! Ever After High, the similar series depicting characters of a half human, half fairy tale nature, also produces a large amount of popular Halloween looks, so make sure your child is fully accessorized by providing her with a matching treat bag.

Your little boy will feel especially powerful when he dresses as his favorite superhero as long as he has a matching treat bag to go along with his ensemble! Our Spider-Man, Captain America, and other superhero related treat bags are the perfect way to bring your candy home.

No-Sew Monster Trick-or-Treat Totes

When it comes to recreating these monster tote bags, there are no tricks, only treats. These adorable no-sew monster totes are the perfect accessory for Halloween. Use it to cart your spoils from trick-or-treating or use it throughout October to show everyone just how excited you are for Halloween. No matter how you use them, these trick-or-treat tote bags are scary cute!

DIY Punny Trick-or-Treat Bags

You'll deserve all the treats when you come up with puns for your treat bags. Let us start you off with these punny options to transfer onto your totes. These DIY punny treat bags are perfect for Halloween because they're cute and sturdy. Collecting treats will be a breeze because everyone will be in love with your punny sense of humor!

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