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Parents and pediatricians agree that reading to children is important. While some parents start with books that make noise or have different textures, many families enjoy classic fairytales. It is a sweet choice for parents to pick an infant toddler fairytale costume for Halloween since the child is already familiar with the characters. Young children love to play out the stories they are told and we have costumes from some popular children's stories and nursery rhymes. They'll have hours of fun in their fairytale costume making is ideal for Halloween, playtime, and gift giving.

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A fairytale princess costume is a good choice for the toddler who thinks she is a princess or the infant whose parents treat her like one. Finding a fairtytale without a princess as a character is almost impossible. Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella are just two of the princesses who capture the hearts of fellow trick-or-treaters. A Sleeping Beauty infant or toddler fairytale costume can be as simple as a frilly princess dress, a shiny tiara and a cute pair of shoes. A blue princess dress, a crown and a pair of blue slippers will help an infant or toddler transform into a fairytale princess with ease. Glitter that is used sparingly can help to complete the look.

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Few infants or toddlers would want to wear a fairytale costume of the Big Bad Wolf or any of the Three Bears, but Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks are cute Halloween costume ideas from popular fairytales. A Little Red Riding Hood Halloween costume requires a red dress (or red and white), a red hooded cape and a basket. The key to a Goldilocks infant-toddler costume lies in the details. A cute dress, pigtails with hair bows and pantaloons are a good start, but complete the look with little bears, perhaps on the front pockets of the dress.

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Alice in Wonderland provides several costume ideas, including Alice and the Queen of Hearts. Fans of "The Wizard of Oz" may want a Dorothy costume or perhaps a witch. Watch toddler boys pretend they can fly with a Peter Pan costume. When it comes to infant toddler fairytale Halloween costume, the sky is truly the limit when you shop with us.

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