Baby Shark Costumes

One of the biggest pop culture phenomena to hit our shores over the past few years is the Baby Shark trend. It’s everywhere. You love it. Your kids love it. Even celebrities can’t seem to get enough of that adorable cartoon family and the kids singing about them. Of course, looking for ways to incorporate Baby Shark costumes into your Halloween plans is a thing. And we’re here to help you find exactly what you need to make it happen.

What is Baby Shark?

For those of us living under a rock, Baby Shark is – simply put – one of the biggest YouTube videos to be released in recent years. The song, at least the version everyone knows and loves, was uploaded to the streaming site in June of 2016 by PinkFong. It features a medley of adorable kids singing about a family of sharks. On the surface, that may not seem like a recipe for success, and for about a year it wasn’t, but after Indonesia caught wind of it, the incredibly addictive single went viral. Baby shark spread its way through Asia and made the voyage to the USA by way of Korean pop stars and their Baby Shark challenge. Now, it’s everywhere and still swimming strong with over 3 billion views to date.

Baby Shark Costumes

Our Selection

Choosing the right Baby Shark costume for you and your family is easy. This is because the song itself lists a family hierarchy that you can adhere to while leaving no one out. Baby Shark is the perfect costume for your kids to wear. It literally is the child of the Shark family, so your little one should have no issue filling this role. Our selection of Baby Shark costumes range from standard, yellow, bodysuit and shark hood renditions to chomping hand puppets and sound chip loaded versions. Not every family is a one child household though, so don’t be afraid to grab a few for your school of baby sharks.

Group Costumes

Well, look no further because Baby Shark is the perfect group ensemble. It’s culturally relevant with over 3 billion views on YouTube, includes costume choices for kids, and can accommodate up to 4 adults and countless children without straying from the original lyrics. This means you can dress up as Mommy (or Daddy) Shark, have your significant other dress up as Daddy (or Mommy) Shark, call up grandpa and grandma to play – you guessed it – Grandpa and Grandma Shark, and let all of the little kiddos trick or treat as Baby Shark. That’s what we call a win-win-win-win-win situation.

Baby Shark Party!

Baby Shark Party Supplies

Take things one step further by inviting the Baby Shark family to meet your own with a Baby Shark themed party. Any kid who has ever heard the song – and that’s got to be all of them by now – will absolutely love the idea. Start off with some Baby Shark Tableware that features the cartoonish apex predators, add a Daddy Shark pinata, and a few jumbo shark balloons and you’re off to a great start. Round out the theme with personalized invitations and then thank your guests for coming with decorative party favor boxes filled with goodies! If this isn’t a full-fledged theme that’ll have your kid’s friends talking, then we don’t know what is.

Baby Shark Cookies

Baked goods do well as party guests. Even better if the event is themed. If your goal is to make Baby Shark that theme, then you’re in luck. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for a Baby Shark Halloween, a Baby Shark birthday, or anything in between. Without sweets, it’s not really a party. Give your guests what they came for in the form of cookies! We have created a guide aimed at helping you to do exactly that. It comes with instructions on how to turn your cookie bake into a Baby Shark theme matching event. This way, you can have your cake and eat cookies too!

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