Baby & Toddler Pirate Costumes

Most children instinctively love water, making an infant-toddler pirate costume a perfect fit for their first Halloween. There are several cartoons on television as well as children's stories that feature pirates, making them a fantastic and friendly choice for your little one. Whether you have raised your child to love the sea and boats, or you consider them to be your little pirate baby because they find their own treasures in everything they partake in, infant-toddler pirate costumes come in girl or boy varieties.

Baby Toddler Pirate Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Ahoy there mates! This Halloween there’s a new dread pirate sailing the seven seas and this one has a deadly weapon that nobody will be ready for: concentrated cuteness! Everyone knows pirates are no-good scallywags and scoundrels that should be avoided at all costs, but when your little boy or girl is decked out in their new swashbuckling regalia, they’ll have everyone eating out of the palm of their hands. 

Our collection of toddler and baby-specific pirate outfits is designed to provide you with the tools you need to dress them up in a fun and comfy outfit that will leave them looking like they just came from the set of the latest pirate blockbuster.  Whether they’re the latest sailor to report for duty aboard your pirate vessel, or playing a commanding and ruthless captain, we’ve got you covered thanks to a diverse catalog of costumes covering various positions. We’ve even got some lovely princess pirate outfits in case you’re looking for a new look that’s a bit more elegant.

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