Baby & Toddler Pirate Costumes

Most children instinctively love water, making an infant-toddler pirate costume a perfect fit for their first Halloween. There are several cartoons on television as well as children's stories that feature pirates, making them a fantastic and friendly choice for your little one. Whether you have raised your child to love the sea and boats, or you consider them to be your little pirate baby because they find their own treasures in everything they partake in, infant-toddler pirate costumes come in girl or boy varieties.

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Because the Halloween costume designers know that October is a chilly month, most of these costumes are created with the warmth of your child in mind while they are outside in the cold weather. All the infant and toddler pirate costumes feature long sleeves to keep their upper body warm as well as head coverings in the forms of pirate hats or bandanas to keep their tiny noggins and ears toasty. Most of the costumes have long pants that will keep them warm while trick-or-treating or at their Halloween party.

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Of course no pirate costume would be complete without all the extras that help make a simple costume fabulous. There are several extras that can be included with your infant-toddler pirate costume; items such as swords, eye patches, skull and crossbones accessories, wigs, and of course, the pirate boots tops. Most of these are sold separately but well worth the cost. Once the holiday is over, your toddler can use their pirate costume to play dress up until they grow out of it. The other accessories are good for a lifetime of pirating as long as they don't get broken.

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The beautiful thing about choosing infant and toddler pirate costumes over something else is that young kids relate to pirates from watching shows like Spongebob and The Wiggles. The costume can still be used again and again whenever your little tyke wants to act like a pirate.

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