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Halloween is a time when creatures from horror tales supposedly come out to play. Creatures like vampires, Frankenstein's monster and horrible fairytale creatures like ogres. Parents with infants and toddlers can make use of these creatures to make their baby or toddler look like a sweet monster. Whether parents are looking at infant-toddler horror costumes with a scary bent or a cutesy creature covered in colorful fur, we offer a great variety of both.

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In general, infant-toddler horror costumes are the perfect accompaniment to parent costumes that follow a similar horror theme. The most common costumes for infants and toddlers under horror include vampire costumes and Frankenstein's monster.

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The vampire costume for an infant or toddler will usually feature the basic red and black colors commonly associated with these creatures of the night. For an infant or toddler costume, the vampire suit will often make the costume easy to put on a squirming infant or young child with snap-up pants and a one piece suit that looks similar to the classic suits worn by vampires in movies. The addition of a cape completes the look of a baby vampire that will match any vampire costumes that parents might wear.

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For a monster costume, Frankenstein's monster is the ideal choice for any little boy. The costume for toddlers and infants typically features pants and a suit-shirt that has the patches and scars of the well-known monster. A hood with the classic shape and green color of Frankenstein's monster finishes off the costume to make any little boy look like the classic horror monster. Another ideal choice is the Lil' Monster which is a silly looking furry creature.

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