Funny Baby Costumes

Since Halloween is commonly associated with creatures for horror tales, but parents of babies or young children might consider infant-toddler humorous costumes instead for their little bundle of joy. After all, you wouldn't want to frighten your little one. Teach them that Halloween is fun and save the spooky stuff for when they are older. Right now, let them laugh. Fortunately, parents can use humorous costumes to lighten the dark mood of Halloween and make their little baby or toddler the life of the party.

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Humorous costumes vary in design and type, so parents have numerous choices to find the perfect outfit for their sweet baby. Common funny costumes for infants and toddlers include foods, funny looking animals, silly monsters in bright colors and funny looking creatures.

The food costumes are often among the infant/toddler humorous costume choices because they can encourage the picky eater to try more fruits and veggies when they associate it with something humorous. Options like a peanut, strawberry or newborn red chili pepper will bring out giggles from friends and family who see the outfit. Costumes like strawberries or peanuts are particularly funny due to the ballooning effect around the body, particularly the legs, that makes a baby or young child look rounded and sweet. For newborns, costumes based on foods are usually made into a bunting that shows the baby's face, like the pea in a pod.

The cute and silly animal costumes are particularly lovable for a young, chubby baby. Costumes like a chubby pink piggy or a turkey will cause giggles and coos from friends and family members who see these sweet Halloween costumes.

Funny looking creatures and monsters round off the infant toddler humorous costumes Halloween. These costumes will often have bright colors, silly fuzzy looking outfits, fluffy skirts and silly shoes or hats.

The bright colors and silly looking outfits are sure to lead any toddler into funny antics of happiness to lighten the otherwise dark and dangerous mood of Halloween. Infant-toddler humorous costumes are the perfect option for any family who wants to make Halloween fun rather than scary.

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