Baby Boys Costumes

Little boys are made of "frogs and snails and puppy dog's tails" and always seem to be into everything! Little boys are men in training and fantasize about saving the world as a superhero or other macho character. Your little boy will love our wide selection of Infant-toddler classic boy Halloween costumes that feature all little boy's dream of.

In our Infant-toddler classic boy Halloween costumes we have a wide selection of superhero ensembles like Batman, Robin, Zorro and Superman. For boys who love to be scary and tough, we offer costumes like the L'Vampire Infant Costume, Universal Studios Lil Frankie ensemble, Lil Champ Toddler costume or one of our spider or police man uniforms. If you have a little one that just love cartoons and books, we have many costumes based on those characters as well, like Scooby Doo, Curious George, Elmo, Clifford and much much more!

Finally, for moms and dads who want to capture their boy at the peak of his childhood innocence, look no further than our Infant-toddler boy's classic costumes. We have cute costumes like little puppy dogs, pumpkins, scarecrows and bunnies. Many of these costumes can be utilized for multiple occasions like themed birthday parties, fall parties, or to play dress while he goes outside to hunt for bad guys or rescue his sister from the neighbor's dog.

To make our Infant-toddler classic boy's costumes even better, consider purchasing some coordinating items from our accessory section like face paints, gloves, toy weapons and other harmonizing items.

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