Baby & Toddler Animal Costumes

Infants and toddlers are drawn to animals for their happy personalities, soft fur and loving nature. Whether your little one has a love for loyal animals like dogs and cats, fictional animals like dragons and pink elephants or wants to be their favorite character from Winnie the Pooh, we have all of these sought after costumes in our infant-toddler animal costumes section.

Buy Baby Animal Costumes & Toddler Bug Costumes Online

Animals are a perfect choice for a child's Halloween costume. They are both familiar to the child and create excitement about wearing the costume for their upcoming Trick or Treat adventure. Our infant toddler animal costumes have numerous options to choose from. Whether you want your infant or toddler to look cute and cuddly or fierce we have just the costume for your little one. These infant/toddler animal costumes feature ensembles like a Pink Lamb which features soft fleece and pink accents, a Mischievous Monkey which features a soft dark brown jumpsuit with plush monkey hood or a Toddler Pretty Leopard Costume which features a leopard print outfit with black fur trim and cat ear headband.

Regardless of your tastes in infant-toddler animal Halloween costumes we have more than 80 different options to choose from, so you are sure to find one that fits your child's personality. Be sure to check out the featured accessories of each costume to make your child's Trick or Treating experience as authentic as possible.

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