Austin Powers Costumes

You can look like a swingin' secret agent from England whose catchphrase is "Groovy, baby!" We're talking about the one and only Austin Powers. Our Austin Powers Halloween costumes are nothing short of groovy. You can dress in shagadelic style just like the International Man of Mystery himself. As the story goes, he was put into a cryogenic deep freeze in the 1960s so he could be preserved if the world would ever be in danger at the hands of evil villains. In the 90s, he was defrosted for exactly that reason. Dr. Evil was holding the world hostage for $100,000,000,000 and had a nuclear device pointed at earth. Only The International Man of Mystery could save us from doom. Wouldn't it be fun to dress up like such an important, and sharp dressed, secret agent?

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In all, there have been three Austin Powers movies and they have made Mike Meyers a superstar because he played not only the namesake role but also the part of the antagonist, Dr. Evil. From these movies, we have a selection of classic wardrobe pieces that made this such as iconic character.

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