Astronaut Costumes

Finding authentic astronaut costumes for adults and kids shouldn't be as costly as a mission to Mars, nor should it take as long. We proudly offer Halloween costumes that are officially licensed by NASA so not only do the look amazing but they feature the authentic style flight suits with the bona fide patches and logos.

Astronaut Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Blast off into high orbit this Halloween dressed in an exciting outer space costume that will leave you ready to discover new life and explore the very frontier of human knowledge. Prepare for a long-term exploratory mission by suiting up with an outfit chosen from our wide and diverse selection taken straight from the latest R&D labs at Cape Canaveral.

You’ll look ready to take command thanks these authentic white and orange spacesuits. Modeled after the real thing they feature all sorts of cool little touches such as mission patches, logos, strap flourishes, and even addition mission-specific baseball caps. Some of the costumes are closer to a casual uniform, the type that astronauts wear while working inside the ship while others are designed to be ready for EVA missions that take these brave heroes outside into the dangerous but beautiful depths of space. Pick up accessories such as astronaut helmets, inflatable shuttles and more for a complete mission package that has the greatest chance at success.

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