Astronaut Costumes

Finding authentic astronaut costumes for adults and kids shouldn't be as costly as a mission to Mars, nor should it take as long. We proudly offer Halloween costumes that are officially licensed by NASA so not only do the look amazing but they feature the authentic style flight suits with the bona fide patches and logos.

Our Astronaut Costumes Are Out Of This World

Our astronaut spacesuits come in both white and orange. They have all the zipper details and patches of the real deal. The NASA suit for kids are preferred by boys. They feature additional items that you can purchase such as matching boots, gloves, a helmet and a space backpack that looks like a real space pack. You'll be amazed by the details. On the other hand, if your child thinks the only Space Ranger worth his salt is Buzz Lightyear then we will be pleased to sell you that costume instead.

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