Green Arrow

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Green Arrow Ideas & Inspiration

Become your favorite archer superhero this Halloween when you put on one of our special Green Arrow Costumes! With your purchase, you will receive everything you need to take down villains and criminals with ease. The Green Arrow has all kinds of awesome weapons and gadgets at his disposal. Being a master with a bow, he has all kinds of nifty arrows to conquer his enemies with.

Equipping his arrows with tear gas, smoke, grappling hooks, explosives, nets, and many more effects, the Green Arrow can defeat anybody while wearing his iconic green superhero get-up. When you put on one of our excellent Green Arrow costumes, you will look and feel more powerful than ever! Head to the party as Green Arrow, and all of the bad guys will be fleeing in a flash. The Green Arrow is like a modern day Robin Hood, and he even looks like him too with his signature green hood. As a member of the Justice League, he often teams up with his other superhero friends, like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Flash, to fight off supervillains and evil bad guys as a crew.

When the Green Arrow isn't too busy being a superhero, he is living his ordinary life as a celebrity in Star City, as a wealthy businessman and owner of Queen Industries. So, do you want to be a multi-million dollar celebrity who is skilled with a bow this Halloween? Of course you do! And our costumes will certainly do just that. Team up with your other DC superhero friends this Halloween and make it a Justice League costume themed event. Nothing is more fun than heading to the party as a superhero squad and dancing til you can no longer feel your toes!

Buy one of our Green Arrow costumes today, and go make this Halloween a night filled with pure fun and heroics!

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