Ariel Costumes

It’s not hard to be a part of this world with Ariel costumes and costume pieces from The Little Mermaid. In the movie, Ariel wants to be a human so she can be with her prince on land but luckily, you don’t have to strike a deal with a sea witch to get to be a mermaid (and you get to keep your legs!) While growing a fin may be out of the question here, you can look just like Ariel with any of the select licensed Disney wigs! Ariel’s long red hair is one of her most recognizable features and the perfect look to finish off any one of our Ariel dresses for kids, toddlers, tweens, and adults.

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Still want to be a mermaid, but not exactly Ariel? Hipster mermaid is for you! Whether you’re classic or contemporary in your style, these costumes can be used individually, as a couples costume, or as a group. Grab your prince and be Ariel and Eric, one of the most famous couples in Disney and in the sea! If you want a group costume, you can be all the princesses – Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Jasmine can complete your group. No matter what kind of Ariel you are or who you’re with, you’ll be flippin’ your fins towards a great costume.

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