Animal & Insect Halloween Costumes

Animal costumes are just as cute on an infant or child as they are humorous on an adult. The sheer variety of choices available will practically insure that you will be the only one at your Halloween party wearing that style. With so many choices, how do you pick the best one? Begin with thinking of your favorite (or your child's favorite) furry creature. We have costumes of dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, bunnies, lions, tigers, elephants, penguins, lizards, dinosaurs, monkeys, apes, pigs, werewolves, cows, bears, peacocks, and more. The list goes on and on. Shop Animal & Insect costumes now!

DIY Lovebug Hoodie

Not everyone loves bugs, but with a hoodie this adorable, it's hard not to. Our DIY Lovebug Hoodie is designed to look just like a ladybug that has hearts instead of their signature spots. Recreating this cute and cozy hoodie is so easy! Follow along with the steps in the post and you'll have an adorable lovebug hoodie to wear for Valentine's Day or any day.

Find The Best Selection Of Animal & Insect Costumes Online

Once you choose your animal, you can browse by style. Infant animal costumes are lush jumpsuits with hoods and booties. They turn your baby into a cuddly stuffed toy. The outfits for kids come in styles like tutu dresses for the girls, and shirts and pants for the boys. Adult mammalian items feature a variety of sexy dresses for women and amazing mascots for men. Of course, this is only a sampling. You need to shop the following pages to see all of your options.

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