Angry Birds Costumes

What level of Angry Birds have you reached? We have reached the Halloween level! OK, there is no such thing but our selection of Angry Birds costumes is a real as can be. Make this viral sensation your Halloween costume this year. Angry Birds is everywhere - on phones, devices, as stuffed animals and apparel and most importantly as Halloween costumes. This is your chance to be a real-life Angry Bird.

Angry Birds Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Show those rotten no-good bad piggies a piece of your mind. Now that they’ve made the first move declare all-out war with our collection of video-gamed costumes featuring the titular stars of the Angry Birds franchise. King Pig and his troops won’t know what hit them when you start lobbing these amazing costume ensembles their way. Each is an officially licensed item and features an authentic design that fans will instantly recognize.

Show your fury with outfits featuring Red, Chuck, and others for a bright and vibrant new look that proves that in nature the more colorful something is the more dangerous it is as well. We also have the Star Wars Angry Birds edition costumes for an exciting twist that reimagines the birds as the Rebel Alliance and the pigs as the brutal Galactic Empire. Launch your assault this year with a barrage on the pigs through an array of costumes that will look great on you and your fellow gamers.

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