Angel Costumes

Halloween has generally been known to be a time for scary stuff, but not everyone wants to dress up as something ugly and horrific! There are all sorts of nicer choices and angel costumes are just one of the many prettier dressing-up ideas to consider.

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Angel Halloween costumes can come in many different types, so there's really no end to the design twists that really help make the outfit your own. The color white is most often identified with the angelic theme, but there's no need to stop at just white! Try using a softer color, like pink or purple, to really make yours stand out from the crowd; add some wings and a halo to your dress to help complete the look. Or, if you'd like to be the classic white cherub, try using come colored wings to really jazz up your style.

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For those who just can't help adding a naughty twist to their angel dress, try going for a dark rebel look and really make heads turn at the party! Black or red wings, a short, sexy dress and heels or boots really complete an outfit! With a dark-colored wig and some cute wrist cuffs, plus some silver necklaces, there's no end to the creativity you can imagine into your selection!

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There are many ways to add your own flavor and style into an angel costume - naughty, dark and gothic or classic, white and wispy. Any way you can dream it, you can pull off the masterpiece of the heavens tonight! So go ahead and go wild with accessories, wigs, jewelry and more - own the night!

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