Alien Costumes

Get an out of this world look when you decide to wear one of our great looking Alien costumes! Here, we offer a variety of extra-terrestrial and Alien outfits for every family member that are sure to turn some heads. Men, women and children will all find the right Martian style they are looking for when searching our site for a Halloween costume. Dressing up as an ET is always a great choice because you get to pretend like you are not from Earth and can really give your space suit its own story, identity and personality.

Alien Xenomorph Makeup Tutorial

Ridley Scott fans got the sixth installment of the Alien franchise with the release of Alien: Convenant. The movie featured the return of the Xenomorph, the two-mouthed, gigantic alien creature made famous by the movies.

If you're planning on looking out of this world for Halloween, check out this Xenomorph makeup tutorial by Caitlyn Kreklewich

Alien Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Explore the frontier of space in search of new life and new civilizations. Just be careful, there’s no telling what you’ll find. With a galaxy that’s this diverse and teeming with life, you might encounter friend as easily as foe. If you’ve ever wanted to believe then make sure that you’re ready with a set of costumes that will convince even the hardiest of skeptics thanks to their authentic and convincing appearance. Several of these are so appealing such as the sexy space alien outfits that they may even want to believe in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.

The more mature outer space babe costumes will definitely make for some pulse-pounding first contact. But it can’t be all good, and with monsters such as the Predator or Xenomorph your pulse will be pounding for an entirely different reason altogether. Once you’ve thoroughly explored our selection, we’re sure you’ll pick up an alien costume that will make for one interesting Halloween close encounter in either direction.

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