Alien Costumes

Get an out of this world look when you decide to wear one of our great looking Alien costumes! Here, we offer a variety of extra-terrestrial and Alien outfits for every family member that are sure to turn some heads. Men, women and children will all find the right Martian style they are looking for when searching our site for a Halloween costume. Dressing up as an ET is always a great choice because you get to pretend like you are not from Earth and can really give your space suit its own story, identity and personality.

Our Alien Costumes Are Out Of This World

Nobody really knows what an space being looks like so because of this, we have used the imagination of many animators and movie producers to come up with an artistic interpretation. Due to this, our selection looks as diverse as the universe. For boys we offer famous character Marvin the Martian, the Toy Story alien, and Ben 10 characters. We also have the little green men that have the generic look which includes a long robe and a mask.

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