Catch disco fever with these attractive Afro wigs! It'll be easy to stand out when you choose one of our eye-catching designs to wear to your next Halloween party. We carry a wide assortment of colorful Afros in red, blonde, brown and black. In addition, our collection features different lengths which lend themselves nicely to more than just 60s and 70s inspired Halloween costumes. It'll be easy to bring your favorite diva or dance hero to life with one of our fashionable picks. Our site also features styles that light up and others with glitter and streaks of color.

We carry an assortment of disco, pimp, clown, patriotic, and roller-derby themed outfits that all look great with this popular style. Wigs are a top choice when you want to make a complete transformation in a matter of minutes. Simply pin your hair up, put on a wig cap, and apply special wig tape to keep the piece securely in place. Our online accessory pages contain everything you need for a convenient one-stop shopping experience.

Additional accessories can be used to make your character costume stand out even more. Choose from our stunning selection of hats, glasses, jewelry, sideburns, collars, and other items to accessorize your look. The Afro wig is a great choice when you want to appear festive and have a great time on Halloween. Store your wig away somewhere cool and dry, and you can turn back to this classic piece for years to come when your costume calls for a unique look!

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