80's Costume Accessories

It's all about the accessories explosion that reached a manic level during this decade. The 80's Accessories are budget-friendly and come in immense varieties. You'll be able to get that rap artist, punk rocker, or pop star look down with no problem. You have the costume, so now all you need is to finish up the look with the icing on the cake.

80's Costume Accessories - Ideas & Inspiration

The 80’s are all the rage right now! With shows such as Stranger Things, movies like Ready Player One and other multimedia properties, there’s never been more material covering this exciting and tumultuous decade than right now. Of course, all this means that you’re in luck since you’ve got plenty to draw from when creating a retro 1980’s costume that will definitely help put a smile on the faces of all your fellow pop-culture fans.

Take any excuse you can to wear a mullet by diving into our catalog of wigs and hairpieces featuring this any many other distinctly nostalgic-styles. Put yourself on the cutting edge of retro-fashion with mesh fingerless gloves, lace sleeves, stuffed wristbands and more that just scream 80’s excess, fashion and an almost aggressive counterculture. There’s no free love to be found here, instead it’s all about being in the man’s face and letting him know what’s what. Dress up the like Terminator, a rock star, a bad girl and more thanks to a selection that’s deep and diverse.

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