80's Costume Accessories

It's all about the accessories explosion that reached a manic level during this decade. The 80's Accessories are budget-friendly and come in immense varieties. You'll be able to get that rap artist, punk rocker, or pop star look down with no problem. You have the costume, so now all you need is to finish up the look with the icing on the cake.

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It's all about neon colors and leggings for the women during these years. Check out our fabulous leg warmers and various leggings that come in fishnet designs. Green and pink are very popular colors and will clash with the rest of your outfit so much that they would be perfect. The sheer variety will have you wishing that it could be '80s night every night for a week or more.

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Inflatable props are another big seller, such as the boom box and guitar. These two were symbols of the music scene and could be seen everywhere where people were looking to jam to their favorite hits. The neon colors penetrate every aspect of this category, making an appearance in some of the jewelry. Punk and neon is another clashing element that you'll enjoy wearing out.

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