80's Costumes

Dressing up as something you're not for Halloween is a lot of fun. It gives you the chance to do something different for the night, and sometimes more than one night during the season. There are many types of fun ways to dress up. A popular choice being 80s costumes. The eighties outfits can be purchased online and shipped to the customer's home. This makes it easier to get ready for the season without worrying about the lines and crowds of other shoppers.

80s Costumes

Dressing up as a character from the eighties has never been simpler! It's easy for anybody to get a colorful 80s costume they are sure to love for whatever kind of event they have planned, whether it be a kid's Halloween costume party, or an adult's outing! Guys can dress up as hardcore British rockers or heavy metal artists with flashy chains, sparkling pants, platform shoes, and feathered hair. They can become rap stars with the help of parachute pants, sunglasses, and jewelry, or they can become motorcycle punks with leather vests, bandannas, and fingerless gloves. There are plenty of fun choices for boys and men to choose from!

Girls and women have an even bigger pick of styles! There's the classic Cyndi Lauper look with headbands, skirts, nylon stockings, high-heeled shoes, and off-shoulder shirts, a workout diva with bright tights, leg warmers, and a leotard, valley girl looks with every color you can think of mixed and mashed together, female rock stars, pop stars, beach stars, and more. A 1980s costume thrives on the details, so add bracelets, necklaces, and a couple of extra headbands, and anything you can, just to get lots of extra color to help your outfit sparkle!

80s Costume Accessories

Looking for the best way to complete your stellar 1980s costume? We have everything for that, too! Outfits from the eighties had tons and tons of accessories: bracelets, necklaces, headbands and bandannas, earrings, rings, leg warmers, gloves, stockings, and more. Find all kinds of different items that can help your look something memorable and unique, like vests, mesh tops, pleather pants, tights, as well as accessories for specific looks like microphones, jewelry, shirts, and more. You can find everything you'll need to make an unforgettable costume no matter what you are planning to do this Halloween, or anytime!

But the one thing that is most important about costumes and looks from the eighties is the biggest part of almost any outfit: the hair! We have tons of fun hairstyles and wigs available that help males and females get an unbelievable way to top off their look, as well as hair accessories like headbands, clips, and more. There are famous hairstyles like Madonna, Cyndi Lauper, Michael Jackson, and more, as well as classic looks that help you make a wonderful outfit with for a costume party, while trick-or-treating with the family, and much more.

80s Makeup Tutorial

Add the finishing touch to your 80s costume this Halloween with the help of all the cool ideas you can find here in the 80s makeup tutorial! Creating a dolled-up pop look has never been easier than with the simple step-by-step instructions, easy to follow picture guides, and item list – all to help you get the classic look of an 80's MTV music video pop star! Eyebrows, lipstick, shadow, liner, and more come together to help you make the most amazing costume possible at your next Halloween costume party. The eighties are back in a big way!

80s Group Costume

If you have a big group of people who all want to attend a costume party this Halloween, or you have a couple of kids who all want to dress in a specific way for their night of trick-or-treating, the eighties are the perfect time to look back to! Build your very own heavy metal band with kids and adults, get a young pop star with a couple of older back up dancers, or collect a group of workout divas who will be staying in shape and in a great look all night long!

You can build a specific favorite band or media member, get a huge group for a wild costume party, and more. Will you have to learn synchronized dance moves or how to harmonize? Well, I'm not saying no, but it certainly won't hurt. Take your little pop stars out for some wonderful trick-or-treating, or you simply need to get a memorable and fun group costume for a costume party or two, it's easy to find fun, colorful, and exciting outfits for everyone when you shop these 1980s costumes! Colors will spin, lights will dance, and you're sure to have a wonderful time with these great looks!

Stranger Things Party

Stranger Things is a newer television show set in the eighties, with a wonderful horror feel and some great throwbacks to the era with media, decoration, and characterization. Now you can create an amazing Halloween party, a birthday party, or a premiere party for season three when you get some wonderful ideas from the Stranger Things party ideas page! Start out with retro invitations, and go right to a whole lot of really cool decorations, including the iconic wall of lights from the first season. There are lots of options for food, but make sure you include waffles – as well as things like “demogorgon blood,” and a collection of waffle toppings so guests can make the perfect treat.

DIY Neon Sign

Let the good vibes roll. Nothing says 'totally 80s' better than neon, so you know this sign will be quite the hit at your 80s themed party. With it's relaxing colors and cool message, your guests will be feeling the good vibes in no time. Follow along with our step-by-step tutorial to create your own neon sign for any occasion!

Facts About The 80s

The eighties were a wild time for everyone, and now you can recreate the fun of this incredible time with this collection of 80s costumes for kids and adults! The 1980s had plenty of incredible events: Columbia, the first space shuttle, lifted off in 1981, tensions between the east and west finally began to ease in the Cold War, the Berlin Wall fell, and the first personal computer was released onto the market by IBM.

There were also tons of rock music, pop stars, action movies, and music videos to enjoy! MTV began, beginning the reign of music videos. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Cyndi Lauper, and Madonna developed the pop music scene into an ultra-popular format. Clothes became colorful and wild, hairstyles grew and grew – up as well as out – video games began to grow in popularity, and the reign of the summer blockbuster began. It resulted in a recognizable look that has stayed fresh through the years, and helps you create something everybody will know and love for your next night of costume parties, trick-or-treating, or just a bit of dress-up fun, with this big selection of 1980s costumes!

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