70's Costume Accessories

Get yourself in the dancing spirit because you're going to be looking your best at the next costume party you attend. The 70's Accessories section comes with tons of different items for your outfit this year. This decade was rife with various dance music that continues to inspire people to get down on the floor. Make yourself the life of the party by completing your dance decade look.

70's Costume Accessories - Ideas & Inspiration

Get down with your funky self this Halloween with a styling new look that will give everyone a serious case of Saturday Night Fever. Show your new movies off while wearing a 1970’s inspired look that is decked out some sparkling bling. Whether you’re at the discothèque or just partying at home with the rest of the family, you’ll want to make sure your costume feels period authentic through the addition of some genuine 70’s gaudiness.

Pick up a fro-wig in colors from dark back to platinum blonde for an easy-to-spot retro hairstyle. Additionally, necklaces like the disco medallion are a great way for advertising yourself to all of the cool honeys out there, while jewelry such as the disco ball earrings will dazzle Mr. Right. So get your platform shoes ready, break out the pimp cane, and head out onto the dance floor for a live performance so good it deserves an audience.

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