70's Costumes

Futuristic costumes like metallic jumpsuits and sky-high platform shoes were not an unusual site. You could find a guy or gal in a outfit just like it, doing The Robot on the dance floor and looking very far out. You would have also seen similar outfits in leather, worn by the rock band KISS. We have all of the official KISS outfits in all of their wild 70s splendor.

Find The Perfect 1970's Costumes For Adults and Kids

Seventies outfits take their inspiration from the Disco scene which was all about being seen. The louder your wardrobe and the more you sparkled, the more attention you would get on the dance floor. It also helped if you could do all of the popular dances like The Hustle and The Bus Stop. While the lounge lizards and leisure suit losers waiting on line for a chance to get into the discotheque, Disco dolls, Divas. Swingers and Hustlers walked through the doors ready to get their party on!

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