60's Costume Accessories

You'll have peace of mind knowing that your counter culture costume will have all the right touches needed to make you look the part of a hippie. The 60's Accessories page is a concerted effort to bring you all the additional items needed to complete your costume this year. You'll find items in various colors that will help you put on an air of groovy disposition.

60's Costume Accessories - Ideas & Inspiration

Spread free love through the town this Halloween dressed up in a new hippie costume that features accessories and swag that feels like it came straight out of Woodstock. Let the man know his days are numbered by going for a counterculture look that will have all of the squares wondering just what happened to decency and good old fashioned American values. In times like these, there’s never been a better opportunity to bring the groovy 60’s back.

Our catalog features everything you need to get ready for the protest with such as peace necklaces of various construction, size and color, as well as essentials like glasses, hairpieces, buttons and other psychedelic apparel. For the ladies out there, make sure that you’re ready to hit the club afterward with Go-go dancer apparel including boots, fashionable Mod sunglasses and more. Whatever your persuasion, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back in time wearing a hippie ensemble that’s period-authentic.

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