60's Costume Accessories

You'll have peace of mind knowing that your counter culture costume will have all the right touches needed to make you look the part of a hippie. The 60's Accessories page is a concerted effort to bring you all the additional items needed to complete your costume this year. You'll find items in various colors that will help you put on an air of groovy disposition.

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It goes without saying that peace was a big deal during this decade, and you'll have many ways to express your desire for it by wearing one of many different pieces of jewelry with a peace sign symbol. Our earrings, necklaces, and other wearable items feature this symbol prominently. Many of the pieces are designed in multi-colored variants in order to express the excitement of the decade.

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We also feature various sunglasses for you to wear. These aviators and other designs come in standard and colorful lens varieties. Wearing the right eye gear was an essential component to the experience of being a hippie because there was often lots of traveling done by friends who wanted to follow bands around the country. Boots and shoes are also present in this category so that that every aspect of your outfit looks genuine.

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