60's Costumes

If you ask anyone of this current generation what they think of the 1960s they are sure to mention things like JFK, The Beatles and Hippies. 60s Halloween costumes offer flashback to the way things were and the people who defined the decade. Wear 60s costumes to be anybody from a hippie peace protester to a 1960s rock band member. Certainly, the most remarkable woman of the decade was Jackie Kennedy. This year, you can wear a copy of the pink suit she wore on the day JFK was assassinated. A sixties costume of similar style is called When Birds Attack and is modeled after suit worn by the actress in the 1963 Alfred Hitchcock film, The Birds.

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Shortly thereafter, in 1964, the British invaded with a sound and style completely new to Americans. All the guys wanted to look like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and this made all the girls swoon. Their look started with beatnik and mod, which slowly evolved into the flower child and hippie movement.

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