50's Wigs

Style your hair like a professional by trying on some of our hip and cool 50s Hairstyle Wigs. This collection features the types of hairstyles that were both the norm and wild for the time. Those that fit the norm were combed perfectly and held their shape, and those styles that were more rebellious were loose and free. You can become a brand new person this Halloween with your new style.

The rebellious youth wouldn't see eye to eye with this type of lifestyle and preferred wild hair to fit the scene of dance halls and hotrod racing. The greaser wigs are pompadour hairstyles that require constant combing to look cool and sleek. The ladies went wild for this style on the guys, and they wore their hair in a loose and frizzy style to show that they didn't care for the modest approach toward life.

The 50s were a time of greasers and bobby soxers, so choose a wig that goes best with your costume and spend this Halloween having a bit of fun out on the dance floor.

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