50's Costume Accessories

This feel-good decade brought us the idea of the house in the suburbs with the white picket fence around the property. The 50's Accessories page features tons of items that will complement your outfits. You can't go to an Elvis concert without the right sunglasses to fit your face shape, nor can you drive on down to the soda shop and dance to the music on the jukebox without the proper footwear.

50's Costume Accessories - Ideas & Inspiration

Embrace Americana this Halloween by dressing yourself up in accessories designed to evoke nostalgic feelings for a time that was chock full of it. Whether you’re down at the diner getting malt shakes with your sweetheart or tearing it up alongside the rest of the gang you’ll definitely want to make sure your new look is spruced up and ready to go. We bet you can already hear the classic Rock N’ Roll playing when you’re thumbing through our catalog.

For the greaser bad-boys out there we’ve got plenty of fun accessories such as wigs and hairpieces featuring some very cool styles, as well as black leather jackets. For the ladies out there, our pink costume supplies are ready and at the waiting with everything ranging handbags, pet costumes, retro-hairpieces, scarfs, shoes, and more. These products make for a great addition to couples looking to go steady this Halloween ensuring a night of fun that feels like it came straight out of Grease.

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