50's Costumes

Here the music in your head? That's rock and roll daddy-o! Thank goodness for the 1950s. This decade gave us rock and roll and life the way it should be - wholesome, with an even balance of rebel. Our 50s Halloween costumes sum up the style of the time, offering both the wholesome and the rebellious clothing designs.

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Boy's and Men's 50s styles are separated into three main categories: jocks, greasers and the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. The jocks spent their days on the playing field and their nights at the bowling alley, wearing their team bowling shirts, like the ones we sell here. The greasers all wanted to be cool like James Dean and wore leather jackets. Some were in gangs and wore jackets like our men's Thunderbird's Fifties leather jacket. Others were lone rebels like The Fonz. But the one guy that all men and boys wanted to be was Elvis. Our Elvis men's costumes pay tribute to the King in his various looks from this decade onward.

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