50's Costumes

Here the music in your head? That's rock and roll daddy-o! Thank goodness for the 1950s. This decade gave us rock and roll and life the way it should be - wholesome, with an even balance of rebel. Our 50s Halloween costumes sum up the style of the time, offering both the wholesome and the rebellious clothing designs.

50's Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Go head down to the diner with all your friends to grab a delicious malt shake that will leave you feeling nostalgic for this era gone-by. You’ll feel like you’ve traveled back in time thanks to authentic-looking apparel that features the very best 1950’s themed costumes designed to make your Halloween feel complete. Get together with the rest of the gang courtesy of a themed-look that feels like it came straight out of Grease. Speaking of which quite a few of the outfits we have available are officially licensed products featuring character costumes from that classic musical.

These products feature a whole variety of looks and themes on the men’s side that range from vintage tuxedos, to bowling costumes, and of course greaser jackets. For the ladies, poodle dresses, dance queens, and bad girl looks are all available for a retro-throwback that still holds up. Don’t end up looking like a square this Halloween and get yourself one cool outfit for Halloween.

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