300 Movie Costumes

Transform yourself into a magnificent warrior this Halloween when you put on a 300 Movie costume based on characters from 300: Rise of an Empire. Our selections include togas, helmets and accessories for men and women. Choices for women include Queen Gorgo, the brave Queen who addresses the Spartan Council on behalf of her husband. Men's selections include headgear for King Leonidas, legendary Spartan king and husband to Gorgo. We also carry outfits for Spartan warriors, including averaged prices garb and a professional quality collector's costume. Accessories include shields, helmets, sandals, spears, jewelry and more.

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The 2006 movie tells the tale of 300 Greek warriors, led by King Leonidas, who held off thousands of Persian invaders during the Battle of Thermopylae. Warriors from several Greek cities force the Persians into a narrow path between the rocks and the sea at Thermopylae. Though they held off the Persians for several days, they were eventually defeated.

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