300 Movie Costumes

Transform yourself into a magnificent warrior this Halloween when you put on a 300 Movie costume based on characters from 300: Rise of an Empire. Our selections include togas, helmets and accessories for men and women. Choices for women include Queen Gorgo, the brave Queen who addresses the Spartan Council on behalf of her husband. Men's selections include headgear for King Leonidas, legendary Spartan king and husband to Gorgo. We also carry outfits for Spartan warriors, including averaged prices garb and a professional quality collector's costume. Accessories include shields, helmets, sandals, spears, jewelry and more.

300 Movie Costume Ideas & Inspiration

Fight alongside your fellow Spartans this Halloween dressed as one of Leonidas’ 300 with a collection of cinematic costumes from the hit movie 300. This comic book-based movie was a breakout blockbuster thanks to its kinetic action, larger-than-life characters, and impressive visual style. Now you too can become a part of their legendary tale by picking and choosing products from this collection. It’s filled with officially licensed material and accessories designed to help transform you into a true Spartan warrior.

With pieces such as the helmet of Leonidas with film-accurate markings, as well as the helmet of the Immortals you have everything you need to stage a pitched battle this Halloween. The strength of the Spartans came from their cohesive as a fighting unit making this a great-theme for fellow action-lovers looking to party side-by-side. The Persian army won’t know what hit them when they fail to break your phalanx.

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