20's Costumes

Forget about bootlegging when you can get your 20s costumes right here, legal and wholesale! Our 1920s Halloween costumes are the best around. With one of the largest selections available online at the most unbeatable prices, you'll be painting the town red this year in your flapper dresses and gangster suits.

20's Costume Ideas & Inspiration

The roaring 20s were a decade marked by an explosion in celebration, art, music and all the good things that leisure produces. In the wake of WWI, everyone just wanted to have a good time leading to an era marked by things like dance halls, flappers and regular everyday citizens circumventing prohibition. Dress yourself up in some of the fun fineries of the 20s with an exciting selection of outfits that will leave you feeling ready to party until the end of the decade.

Our selection mainly revolves around two major themes making it a great one-stop-shop if your interests lie in these segments. The first of these is a gangster who rose to prominence smuggling liquor throughout the country. Known for their fine suits and stylish apparel these costumes will look great when armed with a tommy-gun prop. The other theme is flappers, with their distinctive shiny dresses they represented an area when women started to wear skirts that were shorter than ever before asserting their sexuality in ways that were unthinkable before. 

1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial

With their fringed dresses, feather headbands, bouncy bobs and bold red lipstick, flappers were iconic. Hailing from the 1920s these party girls knew how to have fun. That's why if you're dressing up in a flapper costume this year, you've got to complete the look in style. Follow along with Caitlyn Kreklewich as she teaches you how to get the look in our Flapper Makeup Tutorial!

20s-Inspired Costume Ideas

If you've got a Roaring Twenties costume party in your future, you'll have to look like a blast from the past. To truly transform, you'll have to walk the walk and talk the talk. There's no better way to feel like you traveled back in time than with costumes and accessories that are period-specific. 

Flappers were all the rage in the 1920s. Women were stepping out and enjoying themselves. They were drinking, despite prohibition and showing off a little more skin. Gangsters were popular during this decade too. They could sweet-talk their way out of anything but you better think twice before crossing one of them. 

From flapper fringe to zoot-suit stripes, get ready to party like it’s 1920 in some decade appropriate trendy outfits with the help of these costume ideas.

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