20's Costumes

Forget about bootlegging when you can get your 20s costumes right here, legal and wholesale! Our 1920s Halloween costumes are the best around. With one of the largest selections available online at the most unbeatable prices, you'll be painting the town red this year in your flapper dresses and gangster suits.

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What a time in history. The more people wanted a law-abiding society, the more laws were broken. Folks probably drank and gambled more during prohibition than before it. People sipped whisky from teacups in underground and backroom speakeasies. Despite breaking the law, everyone was having a grand time. Life was good in the Roaring Twenties, before the big crash in '29. Young adults were always up for a wild time and their attitudes were reflected in the fashions.

1920s Flapper Makeup Tutorial

With their fringed dresses, feather headbands, bouncy bobs and bold red lipstick, flappers were iconic. Hailing from the 1920s these party girls knew how to have fun. That's why if you're dressing up in a flapper costume this year, you've got to complete the look in style. Follow along with Caitlyn Kreklewich as she teaches you how to get the look in our Flapper Makeup Tutorial!

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