Zombie Makeup Tutorial

Zombie Makeup Tutorial


If you are anything like us you’ve been secretly prepping for the seemingly imminent zombie apocalypse. And, we’d be lying if we said we think we’ll survive it.  But if we’re going down, we’re going down swinging. Since we can’t beat ‘em, we’re going to join ‘em.  The only surefire way to enjoy a zombie apocalypse is to become the enemy.

Forget the fighting.  Forget creating a new society.  Spritz yourself with some Eau de Decay, develop a taste for human brains and use the techniques outlined in our tutorial to transform yourself.   Go full on zombie and enjoy the time you have left.  Despite their brainy food choices, zombies are easily fooled so don’t be surprised if you last longer behind enemy lines than if you live like you’re on The Walking Dead. Hey, we can’t all be Rick Grimes.


Start with clean skin, and a photo you can use for reference while applying your makeup.

Tear off bits of sponge to give it a rough texture.

Apply liquid latex over pieces of torn tissue, adhering the tissue flat against the face. We will tear this later to give the effect of torn skin.


Use spirit gum to adhere the fake gash to your skin. Allow the spirit gum to become tacky and sticky before applying the gash over top.

To make the seams less visible build up thin layers of liquid latex around the gash and add small strips of tissue if needed.


You must apply a thin layer of castor oil over the latex to create a barrier between it and any cream based makeup. Otherwise, the mineral oils in makeup will degrade the latex and the look will fall apart.


Pick a color palette depending on your desired level of decay. Cover the entire face with a base and layer on top until the color looks right.

Blend in purple tones for shadows using the bone structure of your face as a guide- cheek hollows, eye sockets, temples, and creases should be shaded.


Add lines with a thin brush along the natural creases of the face with purple to add depth and blend as needed.

With purple and red you can sponge on bruising and inflammation around the areas of tissue that will be torn.


Using tweezers carefully tear the tissue that we applied earlier. Rough edges will make it look more natural.

Use castor oil again to protect the latex under the torn tissue before you fill in the bare skin beneath with purple and red makeup.


Finish with a liberal application of blood gel inside and around the wounds to complete the look.

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