Zombie for a Day


When is your city’s zombie walk?

On certain days when you’re really fatigued, you may feel like a zombie, but what if it was acceptable to literally walk around and act like a zombie for a day? Well, guess what: On certain days, in certain cities, it is.

With zombie movies making a comeback in recent years, those with a soft spot for the living dead have begun to organize zombie walks, which continue to grow in popularity. The events allow zombie-movie enthusiasts and others interested in a quirky way to have fun the chance to walk together, dressed as their own versions of the walking dead. So if you come across a bunch of pale-skinned and blood-stained people wandering vacantly around your city, you’re likely not living out a scene from a horror movie.

Many cities have their own variations on zombie festivities. Some are highly organized events that block off parts of streets or reserve a large park for an all-out festival, and others are more informal affairs where participants may visit different restaurants and watering holes throughout the day. Now that zombie events have made it more into the mainstream, many of them also have a charitable component, raising awareness and money to fight world hunger.

A quick Internet search will probably tell you whether your city hosts a zombie event and what day it’s happening. Different cities host events throughout the year, and October is especially popular as a coalition of cities host events on World Zombie Day.

So if you’re looking for some “mindless” fun, a zombie event is just the ticket. Work on your grunts and groans and grab the scariest, funniest or most clever zombie costume and wander out into the streets for an unforgettable time with your friends.