Xenomorph Alien Makeup Tutorial

With the May 2017 release of Alien: Convenant, Ridley Scott fans got the sixth installment of the Alien franchise, and the first since 2012’s Prometheus. The movie brought about the return of the Xenomorph, the two-mouthed, gigantic alien creature made famous by the series. It also introduced the neomorph, a new alien hybrid, joining the ranks of different alien-like creatures in the series. But everyone – fan of the series or not – knows that the Xenomorphs are and always will be the original terrifying creature.

With the upcoming Halloween season, Wholesale Halloween Costumes partnered up with one of our favorite makeup artists and good pals Caitlyn Kreklewich to put together this tutorial for you to take your next costume to a whole new level. Or, if you’re not looking to pair with a costume, you can just enjoy the look, just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any facehuggers!

Xenomorph Alien Makeup Tutorial Step 1

Throw on a black wig cap.

Block out your eyebrows with a glue stick.

Map on the general shape of the gaping alien mouth.

Xenomorph Alien Makeup Tutorial Step 2

Next, lay down the upper row of teeth with white makeup.

Use a very thin brush to add the tiny teeth of the tiny extra mouth.

Complete the large teeth of the bottom jaw.

Add another layer of white to ensure full coverage with the white makeup.

Xenomorph Alien Makeup Tutorial Step 3

Start filling in the void of the mouth with black paint.

Fill in all the bare skin inside your outermost guideline with black makeup.

Xenomorph Alien Makeup Tutorial Step 4

Cover the bare skin left on the forehead and jawline with a dark grey.

Surround the tiny teeth with the same grey.

Give the tiny teeth a gumline detail with a thin black line.

Soften the outer edge of the tiny mouth with shading.

Fill in the void of the tiny mouth with black, leaving a bit of grey detail on what would be the tongue.

Xenomorph Alien Makeup Tutorial Step 6

Give each tiny tooth a black gumline.

Make the outer grey sections darker with a light layer of black- not totally opaque.

Xenomorph Alien Makeup Tutorial Step 7

Using a very thin brush start adding details and highlights around the face.

Start with what would be the edge of the large mouth and lay down a thin line of grey-blue.

Add more highlights to the forehead and over the large top teeth.

A few highlights along the bridge of the nose will help give the tiny mouth dimension.

Xenomorph Alien Makeup Tutorial Step 8

Add even more highlights using white makeup sparingly.

Give the large upper and lower teeth a grungy look.

Consider adding a black skin suit and a sleek black biker helmet to finish the look!! #jokingnotjoking

Xenomorph Alien GIF

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