World Penguin Day Fun Facts and Costumes

penguin costume

Penguins on ice

As April 25th approaches it’s time to pull out that penguin suit and celebrate World Penguin Day. Our black and white feathered friends get their own day to be admired and they sure do deserve to it.

In case you were wondering, here are some fun facts about this featherless foul:

  1. Penguins are considered to be one of the more popular bird species around the world and they have cause to be seeing as they are quite interesting.
  2. The penguin is one of the few bird species that cannot fly even though they have wings, like the chicken or the ostrich, but instead they waddle upright, slide on their bellies, and even hop or jump  to wherever they need to go .
  3. They are colored black on their backs and white around their bellies, which helps protect them from predators on land and in the sea,  and all species of penguin live exclusively in the southern hemisphere of Earth.
  4. Also, every now and then a brown colored penguin is born, but not very often.
  5. While most people imagine penguins as living only in the extreme cold of Antarctica, many different types of penguins also live in temperate climates like near New Zealand and even tropical areas near the equator like the fairy penguin on the Galapagos Islands.
  6. Because penguins cannot fly their wings have evolved over time to serve as fins in the water, making penguins some of the best swimmers.
  7. They spend more than half of their entire lives in the water where they get most of the food they eat.
  8. Penguins can dive pretty far underwater when necessary and swim very fast due to their anatomy.
  9. Being the social creatures that they are, penguins stay huddled together in groups of tens of thousands to keep warm during extreme cold. About once or twice a year during the spring and summer penguins begin their mating rituals which are very interesting because penguins are monogamous creatures and choose only one mate to conceive with even choosing that same mate year after year.
  10. And since most penguins don’t have many large predators they are not naturally afraid of humans that they come in contact with, which makes them a favored bird among people.

penguin costumeNot much is known about the origins of World Penguin Day or the first time it was celebrated. What is known is that every year around the exact same time the Adelies penguins migrate north because of the darker months in Antarctica that don’t allow them to see well and gather their food. Explorers in Antarctica noticed this annual occurrence and investigated further. Year after year of witnessing this migration event made the explorers start to anticipate the penguins return, thus making it a celebration.

Now that you know what makes penguins special enough to have their own appreciation day you can start planning for your big penguin party. To start, you can pick up one of our great selections of  penguin costumes and
suit up like these cute birds so you can waddle around throughout the entire day. After you’ve donned your penguin attire it’s penguin see, penguin do. Take a dive in some water like the penguin patron seen in the photo. Or, you can join hundreds of other penguin enthusiasts all dressed in the proper garb and migrate together like the mob in this photo.

There was actually a documented world record for the largest gathering of people wearing penguin costumes. It was in 2013 when 325 people from Canary Wharf in London came together to beak…I mean break the record.

So perfect your waddle for the month of April, practice your funky penguin, and maybe take the kids on an unexpected trip to the aquarium or the zoo so you can all be close to these friendly, feathered birds in support of their own special day.