Let’s set the scene for this tutorial.  It’s 1692 in Salem and our little witch Meagan was just walking around in her black clothes and her pointy hat.  She looked so good that the townspeople thought that witchcraft had to be involved.  So what did they do?  They burned her at the stake!

Okay, so that didn’t actually happen but Meagan did put together an awesome 2-in-1 witch makeup tutorial just in time for Halloween.  For those of you looking to go as a sultry witch, you can watch the first half of the tutorial video.  But for our friends who want to go gory, watch to the end to find out how to look like you’ve been burned at the stake.

Here are the steps to recreate the look:

  1. Apply the lightest foundation you can find.  You can also mix white cream makeup with light foundation to get the desired hue.
  2. Sweep white eyeshadow over the entire eyelid.
  3. With a skinny brush, put a line of matte black eyeshadow in the crease
  4. Use a fluffy brush to smudge the black line
  5. Blend dark purple makeup into the crease
  6. Apply beige as a transition color between the crease and your eyebrow
  7. Using white eyeshadow, highlight under your brow
  8. Apply bright purple to crease
  9. Sweep bright red eyeshadow on your eyelid
  10. Blend colors together with brown eyeshadow
  11. With a liquid liner marker, create a dramatic, precise line as close to the lash line as possible.
  12. Create a wing by extending from the outer corner of the eye
  13. Line the bottom with liquid liner and connect the line with the wing
  14. Apply the purple and red shadows under the lower lash line
  15. Using cream foundations, contour the hollows of your cheek, the sides of your nose, your temples and under your chin.  Take a lighter color to highlight the tops of your cheekbones and forehead. Blend with a damp beauty blender.
  16. Set with translucent powder
  17. Fill in eyebrows with black
  18. Apply false lashes by applying glue directly on the lashes, allowing it to become tacky before placing as close to your natural lash line as possible.
  19. Line lips and fill them in with dark red lipstick. Add black lipstick with a brush towards the lip line.
  20. With a skinny brush, add veins around your eyes. Dust on loose powder to make the veins appear like they’re under the skin.


Burned Witch Makeup

  1. Apply Vaseline to eyebrows, sideburns and any other hair that might get covered with liquid latex.
  2. Block out eyebrow with masking tape
  3. Apply layers of liquid latex to your face. Allow each layer to dry clear before applying the next.
  4. Add tissue paper to the brow area to create texture and a droopy eye socket
  5. Create holes and texture in the latex
  6. Add coffee grinds on top of a tacky layer of liquid latex
  7. Paint entire area of the burn red
  8. Add black into the wholes and over the entire eye area. Set the cream makeup with black eyeshadow.
  9. Use green tones to mute the harshness of the red in some areas.
  10. Blend the colors onto areas around the burn
  11. Line your waterline with a white eye pencil
  12. Add liquid blood over the wound sparingly
  13. Highlight the outside edges of the holes and any areas that may have gotten muddled
  14. Go in and add more blood wherever you think the wound needs it
  15. To get a realistic finish, add a light layer of lube to give your burn a shine


Which witch will you be this Halloween?  Be sure to share any recreations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX.  And be sure to check out Meagan’s Instagram for more makeup ideas!