Winter is the Best Season for Kids Dress Up Costumes


It is just too darn cold to go outside to play. If you are the mother of a toddler or preschooler, you know that keeping them entertained indoors can be quite a challenge. We want you to now that kids costumes are just what you need for hours of energetic fun that beat the winter blahs.  When the weather is cold and dreary, the easiest way to keep our kids occupied is to plop them in front of the TV. We have a better suggestion. Engage their imaginations by offering them a variety of dress up costumes.

They can flutter around the house like fairies, race around like Cars, fight crime like a superhero, and sing and dance like their favorite characters from Yo Gabba Gabba or Sesame Street.

If you have ever seen those boxed sets of dress up costume, you know they are nothing more than pieces of fabric with cheap elastic and Velcro closures.  You child deserves better! Wholesale Halloween Costumes is the most inexpensive choice for quality Halloween costumes that can be used as dress up clothes.

The advantages of giving your youngsters costumes as toys include:

  • Hours of imaginative play. It is fun to fantasize about being a fireman or an astronaut. They can even be their favorite children’s TV character and turn TV watching into an interactive experience that gets them up off the couch, singing and dancing along.
  • Improve fine and gross motor skills – you can encourage independence by having them dress and undress themselves. Kids costumes are easy to put on and take off and the desire to play dress up will foster their desire to do it themselves.
  • Costumes have value. Anything you buy to put in the toy box can also be used for Halloween, a dress up party play date, a trip to a Disney theme park or a themed birthday party.
  • Encourage gender neutral play. All girls don’t have to be princess and all boys don’t have to be Lightening McQueen. Its playtime for crying out loud! Let them be silly and adventurous. It is totally harmless for your daughter to want to wear a football costume or for your son to run around in Ariel slippers, waving a wand. The object of playing dress up is to have the freedom to use their imagination.
  • Help develop positive interaction between siblings and friends. Wearing costumes and playing roles teach children important social skills such as sharing, cooperation and communication.

Buy dress up costumes and give them as birthday gifts. Your friends will love the creative choice and the opportunity for constructive play dates in the future, especially during this long, cold winter.

Let us know what you think about using Halloween costumes as dress up toys.