WHC Gage Plummer

For Wholesale Halloween Costumes’ Winter Scholarship, we tasked our contestants to come up with the scariest, most bone-chilling short story they could think of, with an emphasis on short – it could only be two sentences.

The entries were creepy and creative, and it made the choosing process terribly difficult.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes is proud to announce 17-year-old Gage Plummer as our winner with his entry, Lovebirds. He’s a political science and economics double major at Arizona State University.

Read his goosebump-inducing story here:

I held my dear lover’s hand in mine, kissing it gently. I can’t tell you how glad I was to have kept it as a souvenir.

Creepy, right? He definitely earned his prize! To learn a little more about Gage, his hobbies, and his interests, Wholesale Halloween Costumes asked him a few questions.

Where did you get the inspiration for the short story?

I got the inspiration for the short story from a very old song called “I Hold Your Hand In Mine” by Tom Lehrer, one of my favorite musicians.

Are you a fan of horror/thriller stories?

If the horror story is being told by the right person, I can definitely get into it, but otherwise no.

What’re your hobbies outside of school?

I play a lot of video games and a lot of tennis, and I also hang out with my group of goons pretty regularly.

Congratulations to you, Gage! Wholesale Halloween Costumes hopes you put your prize to good use, and we wish you good luck in your studies and your future career in the political and economic fields.