Wholesale Halloween Costumes Announces $1000 Scholarship Winner


Wholesale Halloween Costumes offers a $1000 scholarship to college students who submit their application online. Our goal is to contribute to a deserving student’s education by helping to offset some of the expenses of college such as books and tuition. The criteria for the scholarship changes each semester.

We are pleased to award a $1000 scholarship to this semester’s winner, Teresa Richards.  Teresa was chosen from a diverse field of very creative students who wrote a 300+ word essay whereby they created a myth or legend about a fictional monster, answering specific questions detailed on our Wholesale Halloween Costume Scholarship page.

Theresa’s essay stood out as an outstanding example. You will find that the monster in her story haunts us all. Her award winning essay follows:

Henri, the monster of lore

 He came very quietly, this monster of fable.  He came unnoticed.  He came to consume.   And when he had consumed he grew to immense proportions.  He could not be contained.  He was wild and vicious and voracious.

In the very beginning days, there was a small village located high on a mountainside.  The villagers were very simple people, and very happy in their simplicity.  Day in and day out these simple villagers went about their business with a gentle ease.  They cared for one another and helped one another.

It was on such a quiet gentle day that Henri was found.  A lone stranger on the mountain.  He was without food or clothing.  So the people took him in.  They fed him and clothed him and welcomed him into their homes.

Henri saw these people and saw their goodness.  He thought of their kindness to a stranger, and so Henri decided that he must share his gifts with them.  Thus he brought to them the treasures of the Gods.  He brought amongst them brilliant jewels and shining gold pieces.  He brought them fruit from the heavens.  He gave them all he had. The people rejoiced at this blessing amongst them.  They praised Henri and raised him up to be their ruler.

The God of Time has a way of making people forget.  As time went by in this village, it did just that.  The people began to forget why they had received these gifts.  They forgot that goodness was the source.  Eventually the people began to look at each other and wonder if their gifts were as good as their neighbors.  Some wanted the things that their neighbors owned.  And so began strife amongst these simple people.  They came to know a feeling inside that drove them to do things to their neighbors that they had never considered before.  They didn’t help each other in need.  They took things from each other.

As time progressed, the more they were consumed by this feeling inside.  Henri too began to experience this feeling.  He had given all his gifts to the people.  He had none left of his own.  So he began to feel anger against these people.  He began to want his things back.  He began to want more.  As time progressed, Henri became frenzied in his need to possess.  He became wild.  He began to take from the people all that they had.  He began to hurt the people.  He began to kill.

Henri became so all-consumed by his feelings that he tore the village apart.  The villagers had to flee to neighboring countries.  And yet he followed them.  He chased them from land to land.  And when these villagers came to a town, Henri destroyed that town.  Wherever these people went, Henri followed bringing destruction with him.  He grew bold.  He grew in power.  He grew wild and unruly.

When the villagers grew old, he chased their children.  When the children grew old, he chased their children.  On and on throughout the generations he followed the people.  As generation after generation experienced the rages of Henri, they shortened his name.  Soon it was Enri.  With changing dialects, that eventually gave way to Envi or Envy.  Today he lives still amongst us, tearing our families apart.  Envy has strength. He has power.  He will come and he will destroy.

Congratulations again to Teresa Richards on winning the $1000 Wholesale Halloween Costumes Scholarship Award.