You may have heard Winter is coming. The ancient race of White Walkers are poised to rise again. Their aim is to eradicate the realm of man and they will slaughter their way southward through Westeros until victorious. If they succeed in their mission, there will likely be no survivors. Nor will there be any dead, for the corpses will reanimate and serve to grow the armies of wights.

In times like this, one must choose- fight or flight? We are here to offer this alternative. Blend in. We’ve seen this tactic work before. The crew of The Walking Dead realized a few splashes of walker guts on your poncho and a slow amble will allow you to take a stroll right through the middle of an undead horde. Having said that, it is only with tenuous certainty that we say this makeup look could save your life. If not done well enough those ancient beings may see right through the charade and slay you where you stand, especially if you don’t actually  participate in the smiting. But hey, at least you tried.

Try out this look and throw on some armor to hide your human body. Keep us posted and if we never hear from you again, well, we can only assume the worst.

White Walker 01

Start by sponging white makeup over the face, neck, lips and ears leaving the eyes free of makeup.

Add a thin layer of light blue around the face to add a cool tone to the look.

White Walker 02

With closed eyes apply a bright blue circle in the center of the eyelid.

Fill in the area around it with black.

White Walker 03

Using a photo for reference map out the lager shaded areas with black makeup.

The look is textural and messy so don’t worry about precision.

Begin adding thin lines for the wrinkles and ridges with black makeup using a skinny brush.

Use a light hand to taper the ends of the lines.

Continue adding lines until you are happy with the look.

White Walker 04

Add a pupil and textural details to the blue iris of the eyes with a thin brush and black and white makeup.

Apply a grey beard to the chin using spirit gum.

White Walker 05

Turn the look a little frostier and apply fake ice crystals on the cheeks, brows and beard.

White Walker 06

Top off the look with white hairspray or a white wig.

Now go out and conquer the realm of men!

White Walker and Sword

Before heading off into battle, bundle up because winter, and why don’t you take a selfie or two and share them with us us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #WHCdoesSFX!

Becoming a White Walker