Where to Find your Holiday Ugly Sweater


Christmas SweaterOnce upon a time, Christmas sweaters were just something you wore around the holidays. Now what used to be a trend in earnest has taken a turn for the ironic.

Ugly sweater parties have exploded in popularity during the last few years. Instead of prettying yourself like you might for a holiday cocktail party, ugly sweater parties or pub crawls are all about finding the most hideous-looking wonder of wool possible. While a winner might not be declared, you’re goal is to find something with more clashing colors or cheesy graphics than your friend’s sweater.

So where do you find these things? You have a few options. Here’s a step-by-step guide for finding your ugly sweater this holiday season.

  1. Start close to home. If your parents tend to hoard clothes from years past in the event they might actually decide to have that garage sale someday, you’re in luck. Finding a sweater that’s been in the family for years makes for a better story than buying one and you won’t have to spend a dime.
  2. If you can’t find something at home, the thrift stores the next place to look. Many folks are donating clothing this time of year, so there are bound to be some good finds on thrift store racks.
  3. Vintage stores are also a good place to look for ugly sweaters. You might have to pay a steeper price since the goods in vintage stores tend to be more trendy than practical, but vintage store items are also usually in pretty good shape.
  4. Take to the Internet. If all your searches for a bargain sweater were fruitless, there is still a world ugly sweaters awaiting you on the Web. You can either try eBay, or find a website for Facebook page dedicated to selling ugly sweaters – yes, the ironic wearing of ugly sweaters has actually increased demand to the point where you can buy new ugly sweaters.